Campaign for Maine State House Gaining Momentum

9 Mar 4Republican Candidate for York District 3 has already reached out to over 1,000 voters

Allyson Cavaretta, a York resident and member of the Republican Party has been campaigning for Maine House Representative, York District 3 and has reached over 1,000 voters since launching her campaign in January.

“I am excited by the conversations with the voters. There is real interest in having the power of collaboration and grassroots community efforts head to Augusta. The enthusiasm for positive and community focused solutions on education, workforce development and small business is wonderful. I am honored for the opportunity to serve York and Maine,” said Cavaretta. “I am eager connect with voters, hear their voices and champion for York and Maine’s needs in Augusta. Having already reached out to over 1,000 voters – knocking on that many doors and more – I intend to work hard to keep listening and working hard for York.”

After graduating from the University of Notre Dame, Allyson Cavaretta joined her father for the third generation in business in Maine. She has worked on issues ranging from workforce development, transportation, tax policy and more for small business for over 14 years.

The official campaign website is: and an official Facebook page. “I encourage people to go to the website and see what I have to offer to be a voice for York.”

About Allyson Cavaretta — Allyson has volunteered for the Ogunquit Chamber of Commerce, Ogunquit Heritage Museum, Andean Health & Development, and the University of Notre Dame, of which she is a graduate. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Ogunquit Museum of American Art.

For her dedicated community service, Allyson Cavaretta has received the Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence, the Innovation Award from the Institute for Family Owned Business, and formal recognition from the Maine State Legislature.

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